Does It Make Sense to Use Four Matching Winter Tires

You will need to get into winter driving mode soon. Thus, you have to take it easier on corners, slow down for traffic lights and stop signs as well as changeover to winter tires before you start seeing snow.

A lot of vehicle owners wonder if they really have to change all four wheels. But, the answer to this depends on the level of safety you want to expect from your vehicle and your state laws. If you are trying to decide on whether to change all winter tires, read on:

Matching Tires Perform Better

As with other sets of tires, even the cheapest winter tires perform best if they are part of a matched set. This offers optimal handling, safety, and comfort despite the challenging winter conditions. Refer to your owner’s manual to know the appropriate tires for your vehicle based on its size, load capacity, and speed rating. Mismatching at least one tire affects the performance of your vehicle and if there is a significant difference, it could present a safety hazard. Mismatched tires will have different tread depths, size, and tread patterns. Even a small difference can impact how your vehicle responds and handles. This problem becomes worse because of adverse winter driving conditions.

Don’t Just Settle with Two Winter Tires

Vehicle owners used to exchange just a two of their three all-season tires for a pair of winter tires. The thought that placing the winter tires on the driving axle provides the necessary traction for controlling the vehicle in winter conditions. But, contemporary vehicle safety testing methods have revealed that this is false. As the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius, the rubber compounds used in all-season tires will have a reduced elasticity. This results in a reduction of the tire’s grip while steering and braking.

Importance of Tread Depth

Drivers can often get 2-3 all-seasons tires out of a pair of winter tires before replacing them. But, as the tread depth gets low, they will not perform like a brand new set. Diminishing tread depth can also result in diminishing handling and traction, impacting how your vehicle performs in winter conditions.

It is necessary to pick the right winter tires for your vehicle. To eliminate the guesswork, let the experts from a reputable tire shop help you. Find a shop that carries a wide selection of brands, sizes, and styles as well as help you choose tires which fit your budget and driving needs.

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