Truck Crashes in Vancouver

British Columbia is one of the most beautiful parts of Canada, but unfortunately, car accidents happen there just like they do anywhere else. According to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, 350,000 vehicle collisions occurred in 2017. That averages out to 960 crashes per day. Crashes occur between every type of vehicle, but commercial truck crashes are especially dangerous. ICBC says about 12,000 such collisions happen every year in B.C. Commercial trucks are heavier and require more room on the roadway. If the driver of a large truck makes a mistake or isn’t paying attention, the consequences are more likely to be fatal. Here’s a few things you need to know about truck crashes in the Vancouver area.

Why truck accidents happen

We’re all a little distracted nowadays. Being distracted at work or home is one thing, but getting distracted on the road is a much more alarming phenomena. By one estimate, a texting driver is 23 times more likely to be part of either a collision or near-collision.

Truck drivers are not immune to distracted driving. An experienced trucker may think they can get away with texting while driving because they’re overly confident in their ability to correct on the fly. But it only takes a half-second for them to lose control of their vehicle and plow into a smaller car.

Commercial truck drivers also have a unique relationship with driving. Most of us drive to get to work, or we drive to get from one work site to another. For truckers, their vehicle is their office. The more they drive, the more money they make. That often leads them to take chances that they wouldn’t otherwise take, like driving when tired. If you haven’t slept well, your response time will be impacted. Too many of us drive sleepy because we feel like we have no other choice. 3 percent of Americans admitted to falling asleep while driving sometime in the last two weeks.

Truckers can also cause accidents because they haven’t received the proper training. They may also be going too fast for road conditions. This is more likely if they’re running behind schedule. We all feel a little frantic when we’re running late for an appointment, but that never excuses taking unnecessary risks.

How to respond if a truck hits you

It’s hard to know how to respond if you’re involved in an accident with a commercial truck. Your first reaction should be seeking medical attention, of course. It’s not a bad idea to get examined, even if you don’t think you’re hurt, as some injuries can take hours or even days to really make themselves known.

Once you know a little more about the nature of your injuries, you need to consider visiting with a truck crash lawyer. The mere idea of calling a lawyer can feel intimidating, especially if you’re already in pain and just want to move on with your life. But suing can actually help you move forward. An experienced truck crash lawyer has resources to investigate a crash fully. They’ve dealt with hundreds, if not thousands, of clients just like you. Calling a lawyer as soon as possible gives your legal team a better chance of collecting evidence before it vanishes.

Don’t depend on the truck company to treat you properly and cover any injuries. Trucking companies are there to make money, and they’ll do whatever they can to avoid paying out a large settlement. Trucking companies have lawyers who will do everything they can to make you go away. They’ll be ruthless and unfeeling, because their goal is to win. You may think it’s obvious that the truck driver was at fault, but the trucking company will do everything within its power to challenge your narrative. You need a lawyer who can fight back on your behalf.

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